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 Audio Equipment Repairs in Leeds

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Abacus Electronics will repair your audio equipment whether it be home stereo, exotic hi-fi or PA equipment.

We offer a reasonably priced, quick service and are able to repair most types of audio equipment such as:


Amplifiers                         Radios   


Cassette decks

Open reel tape decks

CD Players


Note however that we no longer repair Walkman type products or radiograms (due to lack of space). Also most portable DAB radios are not repairable by us.


If you don’t see the type of equipment that you require repairing listed above then please ask.


Please note that I am now semi-retired and working fewer hours. I do not work on Mondays or Wednesdays. Also, I have cut down on the number and type of repair jobs I now undertake, favouring hi-fi over PA equipment.  Sorry if I have to turn you down but I am offered far more work than I can cope with.


Usual opening hours can be found here. This has changed from October 2017


DJ Mixers & CD players


Valve amplifiers vintage and modern

But see below...