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Abacus Electronics has been repairing electronic equipment now for over 35 years and we have extensive experience of repairing many types of electronic equipment but have in recent years specialised in repairing audio equipment.


The business was started by the present owner, Andrew, in 1981 after he had been working in the domestic electronic equipment repair trade for some 10 years. The business has been run from several different premises in Armley and Headingley over the period of its existence and is now run from a private house in Headingley.


Over the years the nature of the business has changed. Originally the emphasis was on TV repair and later VCR repair too, but audio repairs have always been part of the business. When the TV & VCR repair business was at its busiest some 20 to 25 years ago, Abacus Electronics employed several engineers. However, at around the turn of the century there was a marked decline in the number of TVs and VCRs needing repair as the price of new equipment had fallen dramatically. Consequently, Andrew now works on his own, and has returned to his first love of just repairing audio equipment - apart from the very occasional VCR and the odd more obscure item. It has to be said that he does prefer analogue equipment though!


From April 2016 retirement beckoned and Andrew gradually wound down through semi-retirement to full retirement in July 2019.